Typically regarded as the opposite of the "hack-n-slash" (e.g., Diku) line of MUDs, the TinyMUD family is considered the "social" style of MUD, with an emphasis on user-generated content and roleplaying.

TinyMUD is the literal and figurative father and grandfather of all MU*, Tiny, and other social type MUDs. It was from Tiny that all the MUCKs, MUSHes, MUSEs, MUXs, and MOOs came from. The release of this codebase in 1989 sparked an explosion of these other MUDs throughout the following two years (1990 and 1991).

TinyMUD laid the foundation down for much of the internal design of its descendants, as well as the game mechanics and object structure and interaction.

While TinyMUD was quickly supplanted by its more evolved and advanced progeny, the Tiny legacy lives on, and this is no more obvious than in how its descendants and those it inspired, to be referred to as "Tiny".

Since TinyMUD development changed hands a couple times, version numbers are not entirely reliable after 1.5.4. After 1.5.4f a fork was made later that year and released under 1.5.5. However, development continued under 1.5.4 until April 26th, 2011 with Release 60.

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  • Original Developers

  • James Aspnes

  • Language(s)

  • C

  • Release Year

  • 1989

  • Software License

  • Custom

  • See also

    • MOO

    • TinyMUCK

    • TinyMUSH

    • SMUG

"I hope that you enjoy using TinyMUD." --Jim Aspnes, December 9th, 1989