One of the more popular TinyMUD progeny, MUSH represented a massive evolution and advancement in Tiny MUDs. MUSH was yet another one of the creations of the legendary Larry Foard.

It eventually became superseded by what is now known as PennMUSH, and in fact, often when someone is making a reference to a MUSH, they are most likely referring to the Penn version.

In later years, the codebase was picked back up and the old TinyMUSH 2.2 version was merged back with the TinyMUX (itself a forked version of TinyMUSH codebase into what is now referred to as TinyMUSH 3.

TinyMUSH 3 development was eventually moved to GitHub at http://github.com/TinyMUSH, however, development appears to have halted as of February 20th, 2016.

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  • Original Developers

  • Larry Foard

  • Language(s)

  • C

  • Release Year

  • 1991

  • Software License

  • Perl Artistic License

  • See also

    • TinyMUSE

    • PennMUSH